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When it comes to garage door repair services, our professional technicians are some of the very best. There's no opener or spring related problem we can't handle. Check out the following projects we completed.

Garage Door Opener Installation | Bannockburn | Highland Park, IL

Garage Door Opener Installation

Customer Issue: Mrs. Newman wanted a new garage door opener that would work with her smartphone to make it easy to open and close, even if away from her home.
Our Solution: Our technician went over various options with Ms. Newman to find the right fit for her needs. She decided on a Craftsman 54931 model for both its use of an app, as well as its operating quietly. The opener was assembled by our professional and installed, as well as connected to the door.

Iris Newman - Bannockburn
Opener Replacement | Highwood | Garage Door Repair Highland Park, IL

Opener Replacement

Customer Issue: The customer’s opener served him faithfully for almost ten years, but it became clear that he needed a replacement now.
Our Solution: The new unit our team installed was a LiftMaster 3240 screw drive opener that fit Mr. Svenson’s existing drive and trolley system. Connecting it to his old remote control and wall panel went smoothly, and the new opener performed to satisfaction.

Howard Svenson - Highwood
Cable Replacement Project | Garage Door Repair Highland Park, IL

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: Frayed garage door cables.
Our Solution: During a routine maintenance inspection, the customer found that his door's lift cables had become frayed and he was worried about using it in this condition. Our team replaced the damaged cables and made sure his door was safe to use.

Tom Gregson - Deerfield
Spring Replacement | Garage Door Repair Highland Park, IL

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Worn extension spring.
Our Solution: When we inspected this customer’s door spring it quickly became apparent that it was close to failure. We replaced both extension springs with new units, guaranteeing their system's reliable operation for a long time to come.

Gordon Light - Highland Park
Panel Replacement | Garage Door Repair Highland Park, IL

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Damaged door panel.
Our Solution: This customer’s sectional door had been damaged in a recent collision with their vehicle, and needed to have a few of its panels replaced. We installed the new panels within a day, leaving this customer very satisfied.

Sally-Ann Michaels - Highwood
Track Replacement | Garage Door Repair Highland Park, IL

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: Bent track.
Our Solution: When we inspected this customer’s door tracks it was clear that they’d become bent out of shape. We replaced their horizontal roller tracks with new units, allowing the door to operate smoothly and reliably once again.

Darren Craig - Highland Park

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